There are a number of athletes who are super famous around the world. They are not just famous because of their amazing job on the pitch, but also due to the sense of fashion off-pitch. There are some of the top athletes that are married to beautiful and also fashionable wives. Here is a list given to us by prom dresses retailer fame and partners of some athletes wives and fashion style that describes them;

1. Yolanthe Sneijder, Cabau
This is the wife to top Dutch soccer player, Wesley Sneijder, who plays for Galatasary. Yolanthe is currently an actor and is well known for her amazing style in her dressing. She is mostly seen with body curving dresses, which highlight her curves elegantly.

2. Shakira Mebarak
This is supposedly one of the sexiest and the most stylish athlete wives, who is also a well known musician. She is married to Gerard Pique and the two are masters when it comes to fashion. Shakira will look good in nearly anything, whether a maxi dress, a pair of jeans, hot pants or anything else. Her amazing body is what makes her suitable with nearly any cloth and she will always look elegant.

3. Anna Burns
Married to Wes Welker in 2012, Burns is not just stylish, but she is also very sexy, and has been listed amongst the sexiest in the world. In 2005, she was named Miss Hooters International and has appeared severally on the internet, due to her amazing dress code. She has a sleek sense of fashion and tend to go for clothes that highlight her figure. She might be one of the most controversial athlete wives around, though her beauty is one of the things that earn her respect in the social media.

4. Antonella Rocuzzo
Another wife to a famous athlete, Lionel Messi, is Antonella Racuzzo. Her husband is good on the pitch and she is making heads turn off-pitch. She tends to go girlish in her sense of style and she also prefers a unique style. She is a model, so you would expect her to be a big hit in the fashion industry.

5. Lisa Mueller
She might not be such a fan of soccer, but anytime her husband, Thomas Mueller plays, she claims to always watch. Though soccer might not be her thing, but fashion is what she does best. She might be good at fashion, but she is not much into the diva-type of girl. She likes to keep it low and classy, like her personality. She tends to go more for flats than stilettos and also, she is a crazy fan of handbags.

6. Tori Beckam
The former Spice Girls lead, got married to Dennis Beckam and even though they started from a humble beginning, they are among the richest couple in the world. The riches have helped Victoria Beckam to invest in the fashion industry and she has her own clothing line, sunglasses, denim, among others. She is fond of dressing in her own clothes, as a form of marketing her brand, but also, she looks super elegant. She might have four kids, but she is among the sexiest and most fashionable athlete wives. She is known to be an influence in the involvement of her husband in the fashion industry. In addition, she is a model herself, so she definitely has got the style.

7. Hayden Panettiere
Hayden is famous on the screen, out in the streets and in the ring. She is a fiancé to Wladimir Klitschko, the famous World Heavyweight boxer. She was well known for playing Heroes, the TV Show and is now known for her sweet taste in fashion. Severally, she has been seen in nearly all the types of clothes. Whether it is a day dress, a dinner dress, skinny jeans, leather jacket, hoodies, she will look good. She can pull off a girlish look and a tomboyish look and still look good. She also has an amazing body, which makes her look good in nearly all the types of clothes.

These are some of the athlete wives and fashion style that they have, which define them. Some will dress according to their personality, while others go out well prepared for the paparazzi. All in all, they all have different taste of style that define them elegantly. Despite the motive of their fashion style, they are among the most fashionable athlete wives.

Written by Shawn Lewise